About OG

Our Legacy: Crafting Uniform Excellence since 1973

Commitment to Excellence
Established in 1973 as Oriental Grand, our journey in tailoring began with a dedicated pursuit of excellence. This commitment earned us corporate clients and a loyal customer base, leading to the creation of OG Fashion in 1990.

Evolution and Growth
The year 1990 marked the establishment of OG Fashion, coinciding with our relocation to Chai Leng Park, Perai, Penang. Subsequent years saw the incorporation of OG Uniform Trading Sdn. Bhd. in 1991 and OG Trend Sdn. Bhd. in 1997.

                   1st OG Uniform Factory @ Seberang Jaya                                                              Sewing Production @ 1996

Precision at its Pinnacle
By 2023, our 58,000-square-foot factory in Penang Science Park North, Simpang Ampat, stands as a symbol of our growth. Equipped with independent offices and production workshops, it embodies our commitment to precision and efficiency.

Over 35 Years of Expertise
OG Uniform Trading Sdn. Bhd. boasts 35+ years of expertise in wholesale, retail, corporate, and product supplies. Proficient in production processes, creative design, innovations, and management, we ensure efficient and timely delivery.

End-to-End Control
Every step of our uniform production process – from fabric procurement, design, pattern making, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, packaging to shipping – is meticulously handled. This end-to-end control guarantees the highest quality, meeting our customers' needs swiftly and flexibly.

Craftsmanship and Quality Assurance
Our experienced team excels in every aspect of uniform production, ensuring each product meets the highest standards. Recognizing that exceptional uniforms demand high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and rigorous quality control.

Leadership in Uniform Excellence
Proudly leading the uniform industry, we remain committed to providing customers with even higher quality and more diverse products and services. As we look toward the future, our legacy of excellence continues to evolve, setting new standards in the uniform industry.

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